2014, February: Workshops on financial and institutional feasibility

PRRP – Assessment of the financial and institutional feasibility

Since October 2013,  LEI Wageningen UR has in cooperation with consultants of LID-Consult worked on the financial and institutional assessment of the proposed pesticide registration and post registration processes. The activity started with a workshop in October 2013 with stakeholders in Debre Zeyit. Furthermore, growers and several organizations have been visited. Afterwards, data collection and analysis have been executed. In February 2014 a second workshop with stakeholders has been held in which the results have been presented. Those results show that the proposed registration system is financially feasible if all registration costs are fully paid by the registrant. From the institutional point of view, it is important that the assessment unit is independent, employs sufficient officers which are fully dedicated to execute the assessment and has the ability to create and manage its own budget. The team has not been able to assess the post registration processes, since these are not elaborated at a sufficient detailed level. However, well-functioning post registration processes are important conditions for making the registration process successful. E.g. if no proper inspections take place at the border and on farm to prevent the use of illegal and expired pesticide, incentives lack for pesticide producers to request a registration for modern pesticides, since they are not able to compete with cheap, but illegal alternatives.


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