2010-2011: Post registration of Pesticides, Technical Cooperation Program

In 2010 and 2011, the APHRD and the FAO organized several activities related to the post-registration of pesticides. The activities were done through the Technical Cooperation Program and the following outputs were expected:

  • National Network for the management of Pesticide life cycle in Ethiopia
  • Pesticide Inspection and Quality Control System
  • System for Risk reduction of Pesticide residues in Agricultural products developed
  • Laboratory for Analysis of pesticide for the Quality Control upgraded

Achievements so far:

  • Purchase of laboratory equipments is on process after review of the equipment and set up of the laboratory to upgrade existing APHRD laboratory for quality control of pesticide products was conducted. To support this two Laboratory Specialists are selected to be trained overseas
  • To develop national network  for inspection, quality control of pesticides and management of empty pesticide container. Information on list of registered pesticides compiled according to PSMS template, information on pesticide data inventory, inspection and control of pesticide quality (import, distribution, illegal trade and storage), and study on the management of empty pesticide containers are also in progress
  • On the other hand, an assessment study on use of pesticides and risk of pesticide residue in coffee and vegetables is also undergoing
  • Additionally, a study is initiated by TCP in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention to set up a monitoring mechanism of health incidents resulting from exposure to severely hazardous pesticide formulations
  • A three days workshop from October 18-20, 2011 was also organized and conducted in Debre Zeit  with the purpose reviewing the studies undergoing to develop the network and to start up the health monitoring of pesticides. Regional Bureau of agriculture officers, pesticide traders and other stakeholders attended the workshop


workshop participants